Innovating paths,

transforming futures

Innovating paths,

transforming futures



The world faced unprecedented restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and after some efforts to resume normality, 2023 presents the conditions to be the stage for an actual restart. Whether in politics, economics, or social development, it is time to reclaim the growth and development plans. Brazil must take advantage of this tendency.

What are the paths to follow? How can we contribute to the future of the Brazilian population? To answer these questions, we are keen to promote multidisciplinary debates together. Brazil Forum UK is a space to discuss ideas related to public policy, development, and society in a pluralistic and democratic manner, with the ultimate goal of benefiting Brazil.

Innovating paths, transforming futures. Brazil Forum UK 2023 invites you to look to Brazilian diversity and to think about an equitable and inclusive future for the country.



painelista_Luis Roberto Barroso

Luís Roberto Barroso

painelista_Adriana Cruz

Adriana Cruz

painelista_Andreza Aruska

Andreza Aruska

painelista_Anelize Lenzi Ruas de Almeida

Anelize Almeida

painelista_Augusto de Arruda Botelho

Augusto de Arruda Botelho Neto

painelista_Bira do Pindare

Bira do Pindaré

painelista_Erika Hilton

Deputy Erika Hilton

painelista_Baleia Rossi

Deputy Baleia Rossi

painelista_Orlando Silva

Deputy Orlando Silva

painelista_Renato Freitas

Deputy Renato Freitas Jr.

painelista_Eduardo Saron

Eduardo Saron

painelista_Hailton Madureira

Hailton Madureira

painelista_Igor de alvarenga

Igor de Alvarenga

painelista_Isabela Kalil

Isabela Kalil

painelista_Isabella de roldao

Isabella de Roldão

painelista_Jade Beatriz

Jade Beatriz

painelista_Lilian Rahal

Lilian Rahal

painelista_Maiara Folly

Maiara Folly

painelista_Malu Gatto

Malu Gatto

painelista_Maria Angelica Santos

Maria Angélica Santos

painelista_Mauricio Moura

Maurício Moura

painelista_Nina Da Hora

Nina da Hora

painelista_Preto Zeze

Preto Zezé

painelista_Renato Leite Monteiro

Renato Leite Monteiro

painelista_Rodrigo Agostinho

Rodrigo Agostinho

painelista_Fabiano Contarato

Senator Fabiano Contarato

painelista_Tiago Dias

Tiago Dias

painelista_Timothy J power

Timothy J. Power


Toya Manchineri


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