Public Governance

Special Interviews

15/6 - 17h BR / 9p.m. UK

Two interviews in a row. The first one, with Fernando Henrique Cardoso, will happen at 17h BR / 9PM UK. The second guest is Dilma Rousseff, who will talk to us at 18h BR / 10PM UK. 

Few moments in history have demanded the level of government intervention that the current crisis requires. The pandemic of the new coronavirus arrived in Brazil at a time of deepening inequalities, disappointing economic performance and weakened institutions due to successive political crises. Brazil has drawn the attention of the world for the alarming growth in the number of deaths and for the inability to deal with the challenges imposed by the health emergency, threatening to become the new epicentre of the pandemic. Combined with this, we see a landscape of institutional instability and friction unfolding between the political forces that govern the country at the three levels of public administration. Considering this scenario, we seek to understand how the country can go through the crisis, minimize its damage and resume growth and social inclusion agendas.

Opening: Julia Monnerat, King’s College London | MSc Political Economy of Emerging Markets

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Dilma Rousseff

Former President of Brazil

Fernando Henrique Cardoso

Former President of Brazil