Politics and Democracy

The new ideologies and political disputes

26/6 - 17h BR / 9p.m. UK

Since the re-democratization, the political dispute in Brazil has been between traditional centre-right and centre-left parties, in a relatively stable relationship. However, new movements to the left, to the right and to the “centre” have gained strength in the last decade, while old traditions seek to renew themselves. The coronavirus has further confused the scenario: governors and mayors are in dispute with the federal executive, former opponents are approaching, conflicts within the federal government are evident and the military is even more prominent. This panel seeks to discuss the new ideological fronts and disputes that are changing national politics, such as the new conservatism, the new centre, religious fundamentalism, the crises on the left, the strengthening of the notion of renewal, among others. Guests will also discuss the consequences of these processes for our democracy.

Moderation: Mateus Mendonça, London School of Economics | MSc in Political Sociology


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Fátima Bezerra

Governor of Rio Grande do Norte

Vera Magalhães

Journalist and TV presenter

Vladimir Safatle

Philosopher and professor