Local Elections

Special Interview: Luís Roberto Barroso

10/7 - 17h BR / 9p.m. UK

The electoral system in Brazil has been undergoing a transition in recent years. Changes in electoral rules – such as the creation of quotas for women, the end of campaign financing by companies and the emergence of the Electoral Fund – have been criticized both for its design and for its application. There is also the possibility of investigating and removing the 2018 presidential ticket amid one of the biggest political crises of recent times. In 2020, with the worsening of the pandemic in Brazil, we have uncertainty about the postponement of the elections, the first to happen without the possibility of coalitions. In this panel, we will address topics such as the role of the Superior Electoral Court in combating the use of fake news, the suspicion of fraud in electronic voting machines and the control and inspection of local elections in a country with 5,570 municipalities, which live in a context of social distance, ideological polarization and political boiling.

Hosts: Camila Schuessler, London School of Economics | BSc Politics and International Relations; Carolina Lima, University of Sussex | MA International Relations; Luiz Fernando Hagemann, University College London | MSc Sustainable Urbanism; Marco Rodrigues, University of Sussex | MA Governance, Development and Public Policy. 


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Luís Roberto Barroso

Justice of the Supreme Federal Court