The Future of Public Health

17/6 - 17h BR / 9p.m. UK

The Unified Health System today faces the greatest challenge of its 32 years of existence. Since its inception, SUS has had the ambitious task of bringing universal health care to Brazilians. Throughout these years, its capacity and limitations have been shown and experienced by the population. Now, in the midst of political turmoil and the fall of two health ministers, Brazil is becoming the worldwide epicentre of coronavirus transmission and populations more vulnerable to COVID-19 start to rely even more on SUS and, when it fails, on alternatives generated by their own communities. This panel seeks to reflect on the relevance of SUS during and after the pandemic, discuss its challenges and propose ways to make it come out stronger from this series of crises.

Moderation: Lia Pessoa, London School of Economics | Master in Public Administration

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