Women and the Pandemic

3/7 - 17h BR / 9p.m. UK

Gender issues are complex and transversal to all socioeconomic aspects. In Brazil, they are connected and add to the wounds caused by structural racism, discrimination, violence and extreme social inequality. The new coronavirus pandemic has accentuated gender violence, impacted the income of already vulnerable women and increased the burden of domestic work that traditionally falls on women. In this context, it is necessary to understand how to build innovative public policies focused on the initiatives of the peripheries, which articulate gender, race and class, in order to face the systems of oppression historically perpetuated in Brazil.

Moderation: Marina Sperafico, London School of Economics | MSc Gender, Development and Globalisation


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In recognition of the times we are living in, at the end of each panel, we at Brazil Forum UK always present a financing campaign related to the topic discussed. We believe that each person can do their part to build our future together.

Today, we would like to highlight the “Mapa do Acolhimento” (Welcome Map), a digital solidarity network that connects women who suffer or have suffered gender violence to a network of psychologists and lawyers willing to help them voluntarily. The amount collected to support the campaign enables technological advances and the expansion of the tool, as well as the maintenance of the team that guarantees the continuity of this service, which has already supported more than 6000 women in more than 800 cities throughout Brazil.

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