Foreign policy

Where is Brazil's Foreign Policy Going?

6/7 - 17h BR / 9p.m. UK

Brazilian foreign policy has been celebrated throughout the history of Brazil as one of the most prestigious areas of national public policy. In the last decades, the country’s relevance in the international scenario has led it to host mega sporting events, to coordinate the UN peacekeeping mission in Haiti and to stand out as one of the greatest drivers of international cooperation between countries in the Global South. However, this situation has been changing due to a closer relationship with the United States and the involvement of government members in ideological clashes with China. With the Covid-19 pandemic, Brazil still faces challenges related to the construction of a negative image of the country abroad and the securitization of borders and restrictions on human mobility. In this context, we put into debate the new directions of Brazilian foreign policy and the future of Brazil’s international relations.

Moderation: Fabrizia de Marco, London School of Economics | MSc International Migration and Public Policy


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