Environmental Governance in the Amazon

19/6 - 17h BR / 9p.m. UK

Holder of the largest tropical forest in the world, Brazil plays a fundamental role in combating climate change. The country’s leading role in international negotiations and the tireless struggle of traditional Brazilian peoples for the protection of their territories resulted in important advances in preservation. However, environmental governance mechanisms are still insufficient to guarantee the preservation of natural ecosystems. This is evident with the recent increase in deforestation rates and the growing threats to indigenous peoples. Seeking to engage different sectors and promote constructive dialogue, we invite important actors in the Brazilian environmental context to think, together with the public, on how to build an environmentally responsible and socially just Brazil, capable of facing the difficulties of combating climate change in a post-pandemic world.

Moderação: Julia Bussab, London School of Economics | MSc Environment and Development

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Collaborate with Munduruku People

Brazil Forum UK invites you to convert dialogue into action. At each panel, we will share a transformative project related to the topic under discussion and the tools for you to engage.

The Munduruku people, who live on the banks of the Tapajós River, need support to fight COVID-19 in the villages. This campaign aims to help them buy tests and equipment to improve health infrastructure in villages and prevent indigenous people from moving to cities in search of medical care



Adriana Ramos

Instituto Socioambiental

Carlos Nobre


Helder Barbalho

Governor of Pará

Simone Karipuna

Coordinator of COIAB