Future of the Brazilian and World Economy

29/6 - 17h BR / 9p.m. UK

The health crisis caused by the pandemic of the new coronavirus has paralyzed several sectors of the economy, has raised unemployment levels and has been causing inequalities in Brazil and the world to deepen. The public and academic debate today discusses measures to preserve income and employment in the midst of the crisis, from which an imminent global recession can be seen. In this scenario of uncertainty, some announce structural changes in the configuration of capitalism, production chains and international trade regimes, while others opt for more moderate forecasts. Therefore, there is ample space for diagnoses and proposals about which paths to follow to face the impacts of the pandemic, as well as forecasts regarding the future of the Brazilian and world economy.

Moderation: Carolina Lima, University of Sussex | MA International Relations


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Support the Afete-se campaign

Considering the importance of June 28, LGBTQI + Pride Day, which marks the struggle and resistance against LGBTQI + phobia around the world, we want to highlight the “Afete-se” campaign, which has supported LGBTI + migrants and refugees during the pandemic Covid-19.

The amount collected from the donations will be used to purchase food, drinking water, hygiene products, gas cylinders, transportation, medication assistance, social rent for 40 Venezuelan LGBTI + families living in Rio de Janeiro. We know that people in vulnerable situations have suffered even more from the effects of the pandemic. As the campaign itself says, some dreams are for later, but affection is urgent.

You can give your support by scanning the QRCode or clicking on the link below:


Ciro Gomes


Monica de Bolle


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