What development do we want?

24/6 - 17h BR / 9p.m. UK

Development in Brazil has historically been marked by intensive extraction and agro-export, generating social and environmental impacts that today reach alarming rates. With Covid-19, the weaknesses of this model become even more evident, placing the current situation as a window of opportunity for expanding the debate on development. Even among those looking for alternatives, there is no consensus: there are visions that promote projects to promote local production, others that see the protection of the environment as an economic asset, and yet there are those who question the very link between development and the economy by proposing a model that meets the integrated interests of the whole society. Through dialogue between different views, and bringing representations that are usually invisible, the panel invites us to think of more dynamic, diverse and inclusive models that see socio-biodiversity as an integral part of the development process.

Moderation: Gabriela Sarmet, SOAS University of London | MSc Violence, Conflict and Development


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Ailton Krenak

Writer and activist

Joaquim Vieira Levy

Former President of BNDES

Katia Abreu

Senator for Tocantins

Valéria Pôrto

Quilombola activist