Challenges of the cultural sector

1/7 - 17h BR / 9p.m. UK

Producing culture in Brazil has always involved challenges of various kinds, from financing to competition with large economic groups, to issues such as political persecution and social stigma. Difficulties that worsened with the 2020 pandemic, reaching the sector, already weakened by the lack of government support – the Ministry of Culture, created during the period of re-democratization, was temporarily extinct in 2016 and definitely in 2019. Cases of censorship and criminalization of cultural production accumulate, accompanied by a long process of dispute of narratives by sectors of Brazilian society. Given this, we seek to reflect on the main challenges of culture in Brazil today and how they worsen in the political and social context.

Moderation: Eduardo Carvalho, Chevening Clore Leadership Fellow


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Support the Redes da Maré

In recognition of the times we are living in, at the end of each panel, we at Brazil Forum UK always present a financing campaign related to the topic discussed. We believe that each person can do their part to build our future together.

Today, we would like to highlight the Campaign “Maré says NO to Coronavirus”, an initiative by Redes da Maré, from Rio de Janeiro to mitigate the effects of the humanitarian crisis caused by Coronavirus in the 16 slums of Maré. All the campaign’s actions are related to the work methodology of Redes da Maré and organized in six fundamental fronts: food security, assistance to the homeless population, income generation for women, health care and prevention, production and dissemination of information and secure content and support for local artists and cultural groups. We are sure that this initiative is making a difference in the lives of 140,000 residents of the Maré favelas.

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Teresa Cristina

Singer and Songwriter

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Observatório de Fortaleza

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Cultural manager

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Culture Consultant